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April:                                                                                May:

Manage Income Taxes on Investments in Retirement                                                    Charitable Giving  

Tax Benefits of your Retirement Savings Plan                                                                Charitable Trusts

Tax Credits for IRAs and Retirement Plans                                                                          Qualified Charity      

Tax Issues Related to Divorce                                                                                            Charitable Contributions from IRAs  

Tax Shelters                                                                                                                                  Charitable Giving can be a Family Affair

Tax Issues that Concern Unmarried Couples                                                                  Charitable Remainder Trust

How are Annuities Taxed                                                                                                          How can I Benefit from a Charitable

Minimizing Social Security Payroll Tax and Self Employment Tax                                       Remainder Trust?

Estate Tax Changes Under Recent Tax Acts                                                                    Naming a Charity as a Beneficiary

NQDC Plans – A primer for Business Owners                                                                Private Foundations

 June:                                                                                                                              Private Family Foundations

How Much can you Afford?

Applying for a Mortgage

Buying a Home

Can I buy a House After Bankruptcy?

Should we buy Together Even Though we are not Married?

Fixed vs. Adjustable Rate Mortgages

Special Considerations for Second/Vacation Homes